Floral designers from all over the world depend on our highest-quality Dutch flowers.

We aim to be your flower partner, creating a unique working experience, so that you will achieve the highest goals. To be able to serve you in the best possible way, we have create profile pages. Have a look, get connected and discover our thoughts and ideas. Dutch flowers available for you!

We are on a mission to make quality flowers accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Flower delivery by plane, truck or boat. The sky is no more the limit for Flying Dutch Flowers. We want you to be able to work with Dutch flowers.

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Creating a unique working experience together with our customer. Whether you are located in Dubai or Miami, nothing its too big and big is nothing for Flying Dutch Flowers. We are just one phone call, email or flight away.

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Proud member of the FleuraMetz family.

Flying Dutch Flowers is part of the FleuraMetz family a wholesaler of cut flowers, plants and accessories.

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Looking for Romeo and Juliet

Last year, love and happiness was spread all over Paris with 1,500 little red emergency boxes. In Case of Love at First Sight Parisians could break the glass and help themselves to a rose. This year Cupidrone distributed love in Verona, home to the world’s most famous couple, Romeo and Juliet.


Warming people with flowers

We are ready for a challenge are you?


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Flying Dutch Flowers.

FleuraMetz b.v.
Middel Broekweg 31
2675 KC Honselersdijk
The Netherlands

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Andrew Visser
Commercial Account Manager


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+31 174 747 518

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