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Letting your customers feel free to express their emotions and ideas. A place where they can feel at home

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Flowers are an expression of one’s personal style. Each customer has their own values, believes and ideas. And therefore you need a vibrant flower assortment.

We want to help you with tailor made solutions.


We can help!

As a shop owner, you are the one who needs to combine thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions into an arrangement.  To do so, you need flowers. We are able to arrange

  • Weekend Sales
  • Money savers straight from the action
  • Standing orders and fixed prices

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Why us?

Why should you work with Flying Dutch Flowers?

Our team of experts know the in and outs of the flower and plant industry. Former florists can advise in choosing flowers in a certain colour scheme or give you information for fun user tips.

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Warming people with flowers

We are ready for a challenge are you?


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Flying Dutch Flowers.

FleuraMetz b.v.
Middel Broekweg 31
2675 KC Honselersdijk
The Netherlands

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Andrew Visser
Commercial Account Manager

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+31 174 747 518

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