The Tulip

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 From Turkish turban to Amsterdam canal house

Oh, the tulip! It can’t get any more Dutch, you might be thinking, but the tulip originates from Iran, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. Nomads took the flower to Turkey, where sultans wore a tulip on their turbans. That is how the tulip got its name: ‘tulipan’ means turban.

The popular tulip is available in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, green or with petals in different colours. You also get a lot of choice of shapes. There are tulips with a single or a double row of flower petals, striking frilly and parrot tulips with serrated- edged petals and the elegant lily tulip. 

With these care tips you can enjoy your little turbans for 5 to 12 days:

Choose a vase which is tall enough: tulips can still grow a few centimeters.

Place the tulips first of all for an hour in the vase, in their wrapping. The tulips will suck up the water and will straighten themselves.

Use tap water at room temperature.

Cut the stems diagonally off at the bottom.

Place the vase in a cool, not too sunny position, away from the fruit bowl.

When you give flowers, in some cases you also send a message. Red tulips mean turbulent love, yellow tulips mean rejection and black tulips: ‘I love you so much I would give everything up for you’. If you gave a tulip in the sixteenth century, then you would be giving riches. In that time the flower was extremely popular and a speculative trade in tulip bulbs quickly developed. In those days you could buy a whole canal house in Amsterdam for the price of one tulip bulb! Those times are over, but you will still feel rich, with a beautiful bunch of tulips in your home.


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