The beauty of patience


Marcel van der Lugt grows flowers exclusively for florists and arrangers. “It remains frustrating to me that supermarkets sell flowers cheaply. Soon people will not know what high quality flowers can do.” With his strong lisianthus, this Preferred Supplier consistently delivers a product which provides an intense enhancement to any bouquet.

Van der Lugt: “The reactions to the firmness of the stems, the flower’s vase life and the large number of fabulous flowers are always surprising. It’s as if people need to re-learn what good flowers are!” He has found that patience is the answer.

“Florists are discovering that good flowers are essential in order to be a distinctive, high quality business. Consumers in turn are discovering that the florist’s bouquet is worth much more than a bunch of flowers from the supermarket.” He sees his lisianthus being used a lot in the popular casual bouquets. “They’re perfectly suited for those. It’s going to take a while, but in the end everyone will understand why it’s well worth going to a florist.”

“The lisianthus, in a mono bunch or in a bouquet, needs cut flower food. It almost doubles the vase life.” Van der Lugt knows that his lisianthus also do fine without, but this enables consumers to enjoy the fabulous flowers for more than a fortnight. Marco Hooijmeijer, buyer at FleuraMetz, recognise that. “It’s not just the consumer who needs to know this, but also the florist, arranger and wholesaler. That’s why this collaboration is so strong: together we want to make life easier for the florist. We have a shared ambition to ease their burden, so that florists can focus on their business.”

Van der Lugt: “The lisianthus has a stem with multiple buds. Florists can split them, or use a few open flowers from the stem for other purposes. Open buds can be used as corsages or as table decorations in small vases.”

The colours and variations in flower shape lend an almost luxurious feel to the flower. “The quality is also very strong,” says Marco Hooijmeijer, buyer at FleuraMetz. “Combined with the reliability of the supplied products it means that Van der Lugt certainly merits the title of Preferred Supplier.”

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