Creative displays with the Strelitzia

Do It Yourself

Strelitzia a taste of the tropics in your home

Resembling a tropical bird in flight, the– or ‘bird of paradise flower’ as it is more commonly known – is the go-to bloom when it comes to adding a flash of intense colour to a display.

With its beguiling deep purple and vivid orange flowers and dynamic shape, this is not a flower for shrinking violets. If, however, you’re looking to make a statement, read on…

Totally tropical

Recreate the lush and vivid foliage of a tropical rainforest by teaming your strelitzia with the lavish anthurium and the smaller, more delicate but equally exotic orchid.

Stand proud

The strelitzia likes to be the star of the show, so don’t hide its light behind a bushel (or an overbearing vase). Opt for a shallow vase and have your flowers to stand to attention with the help of canes concealed with foliage.




Create a display case for these fiery flowers by enclosing them in glass. Submerge them in water and top with a floating candle for a pretty table centrepiece. Or think big with a large glass vase – or even a humble fishbowl, which can make a surpisingly elegant statement.

Turning Japanese

The strelitzia may hail from South Africa but there is something about its simple beauty and clean lines that is evocative of Asia. Team with bamboo canes and cherry blossom branches for a serene Japanese feel.

Modern art

Embrace the sculptural quality of your strelitzias and turn your display into a work of modern art by manipulating the foliage. Go for smooth curves or angular spikes.



Room divider

Need to create some separation in an open plan space? What better way to divide your room than with a hanging wall of exotic blooms? Strong black thread, weighted with stones, and florists’ tubes are the magic weapons behind this stunning room divider. It’s not as tricky to make as it looks – we promise! 

Funny how flowers do that


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