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Where it all began with cucumbers in 1965.. From father to son, the Poot family has developed and specialised itself in growing roses over the years. In 2002, a brand new greenhouse was built covering an area over 215.000 sq ft, where they now solely grow Aqua roses. Owner of the nursery, Marien Poot, took us into the greenhouse!

As Poot Rozen has over 13 years of experience in growing Aqua, they now have fully control over this variety. The nursery does a lot of research themselves; Marien keeps testing and improving his product in order to obtain the best quality. “Testing different techniques and other influential factors is done in one fixed area of the greenhouse. This way we can always determine, whether the roses here have improved compared to other crop in the greenhouse”. Marien also says that he has designed a testing area, where he grows different varieties of roses. Here he can see how certain varieties grow and develop and re-use this information in his own roses. “We are always searching for improvement in quality!”


What the strengh from Poot Rozen is? According to Marien, it’s the year round production and supply of a good quality product. “Only Volkswagens are leaving my greenhouse! Reliable and steady in quality”. This statement is supported by the impressive trophy cabinet, which Marien proudly shows us. Poot Rozen regularly competes in competitions and has won many prizes. “The art is getting all the roses identical in size, colour, look etc. And when you actually win a prize, it’s the ultimate acknowledgement for all the hard work”.  

Poot Rozen does not use any chemicals. Especially the English market is very strict when it comes to this. And as most of the Aquas are meant for this market, we have to accommodate this. “Growing organic roses is all about guts. It took 18 months before we knew all the ins and outs but it paid off. Plagues, for instance, is also fought 100% organically: bugs vs. bugs”. Poot Rozen is therefore MPS-A certified, which means that the entire business operation meets the highest ecological standards set out by the Dutch government.    

Poot Rozen also poseses a TE installation (cogeneration), which provides the company’s heat and electricity. “The electricity is generated by a generator. The heat and carbon dioxide, which is released during this process, is being re-used”. Own power growing power roses!


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