Hydrangea’s : a must have!


Thanks to consistent monitoring of current trends and consumer behaviour, we are able to respond to market changes quickly and adequately. As part of the international flower and houseplant of the month campaign, one flower and plant is selected each month to be promoted among the public. The selected products are easily incorporated into your normal shop stock and enables you to offer a fashionable, monthly range to consumers.

The selection is based on trending interior and design styles, is featured in many re-occurring commercial messages and are therefore a familiar product to people. Make sure to stock up for incoming orders.

The Flower Council of Holland has chosen for the hydrangea for the month. Read more useful tips and suggestions here!

The hydrangea that you find in flower shops has Asian and South American roots. This mood creator was brought to Europe on the first Dutch East Indies Company ships. Interesting fact: the name hydrangea comes from ‘hydro’ (water) and ‘angeion’ (pitcher), because the hydrangea’s shape is reminiscent of an old water pitcher. Although you need quite a lot of imagination to see it.

In the first half of the year you can see red, pink, purple, white, green and blue hydrangeas, as well as hydrangeas which combine several colours. In the second half of the year there are the ‘colour-changed’ flowers. These hydrangeas have a green, red, brown tone – perfect for autumn and winter – and are good for drying. There’s also plenty of choice when it comes to shape. You can choose single or double flowered varieties, globe-shaped hydrangeas, hydrangeas with small flowers in the middle and large petals on the edge (edge bloomers) or hydrangeas with a plume shape. What a range to choose from!

  • Trim a piece off the stem diagonally.
  • Select a clean vase and fill it with tap water at room temperature.
  • Do not place your vase of hydrangeas in a draught, in full sun, near a heater or next to the fruit bowl.
  • Add cut flower food to the water for a longer lifespan and regularly top the vase up with tap water.
  • Make sure there are no leaves hanging in the water.

The hydrangea is bursting with symbolism. The flower represents gratitude, grace and beauty. It also projects abundance because of the lavish number of flowers and the generous round shape. The hydrangea’s colours symbolise love, harmony and peace. So it’s perfect for use in a luxurious floral arrangement for weddings and birthdays, but equally suitable for an outstanding memorial bouquet.

Want to know more about this product? Ask your Account Manager for more information or take a look in our web shop! Go to www.flowercouncil.co.uk for more ideas on how to use these beautiful flowers and plants.

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